Free Shipping on Weed Killers from Interstate Products

Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), the leading provider of environmental and industrial maintenance solutions is now offering free shipping on a wide selection of weed killers and herbicides.  Interstate Products provides a broad selection of both selective and non-selective herbicides that target specific weed control conditions.  Ideal for commercial weed control, industrial grounds maintenance, schools, parks and residential use, our low prices, volume discounts and free shipping help you kill weeds and eliminate unwanted vegetation that can cause major damage to sidewalks, fences and other vegetation.

Weeds can also block drainage areas, cause damage to underground pipes and clog sewage systems.  Other potential dangers occur when vacant lots and roadsides are overgrown causing fire hazards and impairing driver visibility.  Overgrown weeds and brush can also be a breeding ground for insects.  Whether you need a solution for broad leaf weed control, contact or total vegetation killer, for granular or aerosol applications, IPI has the right products and the lowest prices and now free shipping on many of our leading brands.

As part of the free shipping promotion, IPI features total weed and vegetation killers for grass, weeds and more.  Zap It, a ready to use, glyphosate based, non-selective weed control formula is a systemic herbicide that kills any unwanted vegetation, the entire plant, roots, stem and leaves.  It is ideal for spot weed control around ornamental trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers.  An effective weed and vegetation killer against all plant types – annual and perennial – Zap It becomes inactive as soon as it comes in contact with soil and will not leach.  For a residual effect that eliminates vegetation for an entire season, Interstate Products offers Turf King, a total kill, non- selective herbicide concentrate that stays in the soil and prevents new weed growth for one growing season.  IPI’s featured selective herbicide, Triple Selective is used for lawn weed control for more than 120 types of weeds including, poison ivy, dandelions and broadleaf weeds.  For use on golf courses, home lawns and ornamental turf areas, Triple Selective is safe for most grasses.

Interstate Products offers a full line of industrial strength products for complete weed control, selective choices to eliminate weeds in lawns and shrubbery and aquatic weed killers for lakes and ponds.  IPI also offers free help on how to choose an herbicide.  Visit our weed control resource center for professional advice on choosing the right product for your needs.  Contact us today for more information or assistance ordering the ideal grounds care products for your facility or unique application. To browse IPI’s diverse range of weed control products visit our Weed Control Super Store at:

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