Reduce Accident and Fire Risk with Flammable Storage Safety Cans

Flammable or combustible liquids are used in almost every industry and place of business.  Gasoline, chemicals, solvents and a variety of other hazardous liquids are found in varying amounts and locations in industrial, commercial and residential settings.  Since many of these liquids are relatively common, it is important to understand the dangers they present and the special storage and handling procedures required to ensure safe usage.  For any hazardous substance, safe handling should always begin by reviewing the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each product to determine its specific characteristics and the recommended safety practices.  The next step is to ensure that the correct storage container is used for each type of liquid.  Metal gas cans for flammable substances are designed to prevent spillage and accidents, reduce fire risk and offer regulatory compliance while maintaining a safer workplace.

Interstate Products (IPI), a leading provider of spill containment products and the preferred source for environmental and industrial solutions offers a wide variety of flammable storage safety cans from manufacturers, Eagle and Justrite, that offer users both safety and convenience while facilitating the storage and transfer of flammable liquids, ensuring the safety of personnel and the protection of facilities and environment where they are used.  The basic purpose of a safety can is the control of flammable vapors while providing a convenient means of carrying, dispensing and storing up to five gallons of flammable liquid.  Accidents and fire risks can be minimized by using the proper safety equipment. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has published numerous consensus codes and standards intended to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and other risks associated with combustible liquid storage, including specific information on what is required of a safety can in order for it to perform as expected under fire conditions.

The right safety cans serve several critical functions:

  • Safely contain hazardous liquids and control vapors to reduce the risk of fire.
  • Offer compliance with federal OSHA regulations and state and local fire codes.
  • Improve efficiency with ease-of-use features in pouring and filling operations

IPI has recently expanded its selection of Justrite safety cans.  Designed for material handling safety, these products and are ideal for industrial, commercial and residential users who utilize and store combustible liquids, and users who are required to comply with OSHA regulations and state and local fire codes.  All Justrite safety cans available from IPI undergo rigorous testing requirements by independent third party agencies and have received certification from Factory Mutual (FM Approved) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL and ULC Listed).  Justrite also offers an exclusive Ten-Year Warranty on all of its safety containers and 5 gallon gas cans.

Interstate Products has a variety of Type I and Type II flammable storage safety cans to choose from to help you meet any need for flammable liquid dispensing and containment, each offering specific features to meet any hazardous liquid requirement.  In addition, IPI offers utility and specialty cans, including oily waste cans used for the disposal of oil-soaked rags and to protect your facility from fires that can start due to spontaneous combustion, sparks and careless use of smoking materials.  Rags and cloths soaked with solvents, thinners, linseed oil, combustible adhesives and other flammable liquids present a serious fire risk when improperly discarded.  OSHA compliant oily waste cans are essential whenever solvent soaked cloths and wiping rags are used.

Using the right flammable liquid handling solution helps eliminate the potential spillage of dangerous contents on workers, decreasing the risk of contamination.  As an additional safety measure, IPI carries a vast selection of flammable storage cabinets for paint, pesticides, fuels and corrosives.  Interstate Products’ selection of Justrite solvent cans and gasoline cans offer users regulatory compliance, safety and convenience.  As the authority on industrial safety products, secondary containment and materials handling solutions, our experts are always available to assist in product selection.  For detailed product information and easy ordering instructions visit our online safety can store or contact our industrial safety product specialists by calling toll free, 1-800-474-7294 for domestic inquiries.  To learn more about our full selection of industrial maintenance and safety products please visit our website at:


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