Industry Leading Foam Wall Spill Containment Berms Now in 2” to 6” Wall Heights

Space Saving Drive-Over Foam Wall Spill Berms for Fuel Truck Chemical Containment

Drive-over foam wall spill berms are used to protect facilities, industrial grounds and other heavy equipment from spills during routine hazardous liquid handling tasks such as the transfer, filling, and discharging of tanker trucks.  Secondary containment berms are specifically designed to contain spills, leaks and potential runoff of hazardous liquids like oil, fuel and other environmentally toxic chemicals.  Many traditional drive through berms require fuel or chemical truck operators to physically lower berm walls on entry and egress; however, today’s collapsible foam wall berms allow users to drive in and drive out without the need to remove and replace traversed walls. Interstate Products offers an array of high quality, foam wall containment berms that enable regulatory compliance for industrial, commercial and military applications, and are now available with wall heights ranging from two inch to six inches in height, offering greater secondary containment capacity and ease of entry.

IPI, the ‘authority in spill containment,’ manufactures and distributes a large variety of portable spill containment berms that are designed to help users to comply with the regulations contained in 40 CFR part 112 of the Clean Water Act and other SPCC requirements.   Our secondary containment solutions enable industry compliance with EPA Secondary Containment regulations, including SPCC mandates at oil, fuel and chemical storage facilities by providing release containment for petroleum products and various chemicals handled in manufacturing processes around the world.  IPI’s foam wall drive-thru containment berms help protect your facility and the surrounding environment by forming an oil and chemical resistant barrier between the vehicle or storage tank and the surface near operational areas.

IPI’s spill berms are able to contain thousands of gallons when required and are fast and easy to deploy and break down.  Ideal for big for tanker trucks and fuel trucks including military and commercial vehicles, IPI’s drive-through spill berms are manufactured to exacting quality standards using heavy duty reinforced chemical-resistant* fabrics to trap fuel, oil, acids, gasoline, hydrocarbons and a broad range of specific hazardous chemicals.   With design features that allow for easy entry and exit of vehicles or other equipment into the containment area, our collapsible wall berms allow tankers to drive in and out of the berm without lowering walls while providing containment in the event of spills.

In addition, our new wall design takes up less space on long walls for a smaller outside footprint.  Berm walls are made with encapsulated closed-cell foam that springs back to shape when driven over, compressing down with the weight of the equipment rolling over them and then returning to its original shape after the weight passes.  For drive-over walls, 10” of clearance from the bottom of truck body to the ground is recommended.  Custom models designed with foam logs that slide in and out are ideal for tractor trailer use, and each of our foam wall berms are compact, lightweight, durable and easy to deploy.

Interstate Products is now offering a foam wall berm in standard 6” wall heights.  The new 6” drive-over foam wall berms can be manufactured in sizes ranging from 6’ x 6’ x 6” to larger 50’ x 75’ x 6” or any size in between.  Common applications include spill containment for tanker trucks where a 14’ x 54’ x 6” foam wall berm can contain over 2500 gallons on level ground and house most tractor trailers.  For berms with larger than 6” walls, external steel supports are available.  Our smaller Ez fold spill berms of sizes 10’ x 10’ x 4” high or smaller and has foam sealed into the walls.  A variety of even smaller 2” berm options can provide complete containment for oil storage drums, tanks, generators, compressors, and other equipment prone to spills and leakage.

Foam Wall Spill Berm

IPI’s drive-thru containment berms are constructed from the highest quality materials and can be custom manufactured utilizing various structural technologies that can adapt to virtually any containment requirement.  This includes berms made with high performance 30 millimeter XR5 Fabric, offering the highest standards of chemical resistance, durability and spill containment.  Our XR5 drive-through berms are rated for 2000 revolutions of a truck tire without showing wear.  All IPI berms are designed for portable, rapid deployment and each one is backed by an industry leading limited warranty on seams and workmanship.  For detailed product information visit our tank and berm image gallery and all-foam spill berm page at  For help with specialized applications contact our product specialists to match the best technology to meet your fuel delivery and fuel containment needs.

*Chemical compatibility can vary, please refer to our chemical compatibility guide to ensure the proper chemical-resistance materials are used.

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