The Best Ice Melt Solutions for Winter Weather Freeze

As winter fast approaches, homeowners, municipalities, retail stores and building maintenance managers must turn their attention to solving the problem of icy driveways, roads and public walkways.   To keep these surfaces safe from hazardous and slippery ice buildup, various ice melting compounds can be deployed.  With so many ice melting products available, it can be a challenge to find the right products that work best in varied climate conditions.  As ice melt products and chemical formulations vary, so do the costs and effectiveness of getting rid of dangerous ice buildup.  Additionally, many of the products offered today can be corrosive to surfaces and hazardous wildlife and the environment.  The good news is that there are now more effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly solutions available to melt ice on most any surface.

In winters past, the most common products used for ice control were formulations of sodium chloride, also known as rock salt.  However, this traditional approach has demonstrated limited effectiveness in extremely cold temperatures, often failing to melt ice at temperatures below 20 degrees. Additionally, rock salt can have a corrosive effect on steel and rebar embedded in concrete and it is known to cause damage to landscapes including grass, trees and shrubbery.  Today, ‘liquid’ ice melt products offer a more advanced and efficient solution to eliminate ice and keep facilities, sidewalks and other surfaces safe during the coldest months.  In the coldest climates, liquid ice melt formulas are designed to be effective in temperatures as low as minus 60 degrees.

Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), the leading provider of spill containment products and the preferred source for environmental and industrial solutions now offers a selection of Liquid Ice Melt formulations, just in time for the winter season.  In sizes from one gallon containers to 55 gallon drums, IPI is offering free shipping in the contiguous 48 states on most orders.  When the job calls for an industrial, commercial or residential ice melting solution that is fast, efficient and cost effective, consider these options from Interstate Products:

Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt AC-387

Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt is a spray on liquid ice melt solution that contains so salt, magnesium chloride, brine or any flammable or corrosive ingredients of any kind, making it safe for use even on newly cured concrete, asphalt or painted and unpainted metal surfaces.  Storm Team Ice Melt is applied with manual pump up, trigger or most types of mechanical sprayer to prevent ice buildup or to remove ice formation on any surface in a safe manner.  It is ideal for use on equipment, windshields, around work sites and on nearly all hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, ramps and landing pads both before and after ice build ups.

Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt is an environmentally friendly ice and snow melt solution with special inhibitors designed to quickly melt ice or snow on contact.  It is non-hazardous, less corrosive than water and is safer for wildlife and landscapes than virtually every chloride ice melt available today.  Available in one gallon containers, five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums, Interstate Products is currently offering a free shipping special for all new customers on initial order.

In addition to liquid ice melting solutions, granular ice melt pellets are also available.  Ice melt pellets from IPI are developed using advanced formulas that are designed to melt ice faster and more completely than sodium chloride.  Even better, ice melt pellets can be applied both before ice accumulation occurs and on top of ice after it has formed on the surface.

Green Fire Ice Melter Pellets

Green Fire Ice Melter Pellets is one of the fastest and safest snow and ice melt pellet products available today. Green Fire from IPI is a more environmentally friendly choice for non-damaging ice melting pellets that will not break down carpets, floors or leave an oily, white residue when used as directed.  Our ice melt is has been used all around the country on government, industrial, commercial and residential properties.  Ice melt pellets are better for use on concrete, cars and equipment as it will not rust or corrode steel or aluminum as most other ice melt products may do.  For added safety, Green Fire Ice Melter contains beneficial instant traction agents; and the non-staining color coded pellets allow for less waste and more economical coverage.

For assistance finding the right ice melting solution for your safety needs, call our environmental solutions experts, toll free at 1-800-474-7294.  For additional detailed product information and easy online ordering (and free shipping) please visit our website at:

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