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Sarasota, FL — Interstate Products Inc. Water Bladder Pillow Tanks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Interstate Products Inc. (IPI) has expanded its offering of water bladder tanks.  We added manufacturers of Water Bladder Tanks (Pillow Tanks) to our full line of Interstate Products Water Bladders. The Portable line includes fire-fighting and skinny water tanks among its quality products. Interstate Products use of multiple water bladder pillow tank […]

What Is A Pillow Tank and Why Do We Need Them?

For those of you who have never heard of Pillow Tank, you are assuredly in good company.  For many folks, hearing the term may generate a few immediate questions.  The first to come to mind might be: What is a Pillow Tank?  What are they for? So let’s gets started by answering some of the […]

Hard Top Outdoor Drum Storage

http://youtu.be/crQoQK37Ows Learn more here: http://interstateproducts.com/DrumStorage.htm

Chemical Storage Guidelines and Regulations

Is your company in compliance with the various Federal regulations and guidelines that govern the way hazardous chemicals must be stored?  In the interest of helping our customers to select the right products to ensure the safe storage and transfer of hazardous chemicals and other flammable or combustible materials, Interstate Products has provided below a […]

Using a Self Bailer on Containment Sumps to Filter Hydrocarbons

How do you eliminate problems associated with the collection of rainwater in outdoor containment systems and maintain compliance with EPA and Clean Water Act regulations?  Since most outdoor oil storage tank sumps and oil drum spill pallets will inevitably be exposed to local precipitation and storm water runoff from nearby catchment surfaces, it is necessary […]

Liquid Ice Melter for Healthier Landscapes after the Thaw

During the spring and summer months many homeowners and groundskeepers expend great effort on keeping lawns and landscapes healthy and beautiful.  Yet, as winter arrives in many regions of the country snow and ice begin to blanket walkways, driveways and landscapes.  While fresh layers of fallen snow can be beneficial to your lawn and gardens […]

Ready T-Bracket Spill Berms measure up to largest spill containment and support requirements

Oil spills and discharges most commonly happen during the oil storage container transfer process, and during fuel and chemical deliveries.  Even though the majority of spills involve less than 100 gallons, most facilities that maintain above-ground storage of more than 1320 gallons of oil are still required to have oil spill plans in place as […]

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Compliance Date for Farms Extended to May 10, 2013

The United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced a proposed rule amendment to 40 CFR Part 112’s SPCC compliance deadline for farmers.  A Federal Register posting summarized the proposed rule as follows, “EPA is taking direct final action to amend the date by which farms must prepare or amend, and implement their Spill Prevention, […]