Using a Self Bailer on Containment Sumps to Filter Hydrocarbons

How do you eliminate problems associated with the collection of rainwater in outdoor containment systems and maintain compliance with EPA and Clean Water Act regulations?  Since most outdoor oil storage tank sumps and oil drum spill pallets will inevitably be exposed to local precipitation and storm water runoff from nearby catchment surfaces, it is necessary to make sure you have measures in place to filter out any oil, fuels or other contaminants that could overflow or leak out of these secondary containment systems.  In fact, the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Act (SPCC), a set of regulations ‘designed to prevent discharges of oil and oil-related materials from reaching navigable waters and adjoining shorelines’ mandates that industrial and agricultural operators take steps to filter these hydrocarbons before they can leach into the surrounding environment.

According to EPA regulation 40 CFR 264.175, Containment of Containers Containing Free Liquid, a containment system must be designed to operate as follows:

  1. The containment unit must underlie the containers and must be free of cracks or gaps and be sufficiently impervious to contain leaks, spills and accumulated precipitation.
  2. The base of the containment unit must be sloped or designed to drain and remove liquids resulting from leaks, spills or precipitation, unless the containers are elevated or otherwise protected from contact with accumulated liquids.
  3. The containment system must have sufficient capacity to contain 10% of the volume of containers or the volume of the largest container, whichever is greater.

To help eliminate problems associated with the collection of rainwater in outdoor containment sumps, tanks and berms, Interstate Products now offers UltraTech Self Bailers which allow for the passive filtration of hydrocarbons from storm water in outdoor containment products.  This self-bailing filter system is simple to install, can be connected to almost any outdoor containment product, and offers the best protection for non-monitored containment sites.  UltraTech Self Bailers are ideal for use in a variety of applications including: remote oil storage tanks used by farms and agricultural operations, as part of portable truck berm systems and any other outdoor containment areas.  Self Bailers come in a variety of sizes.  The standard size accommodates flow rate of up to 7.5 gallons per hour and larger sizes can handle up to 55 gallons per hour.

By using Self Bailers, modest spills and hydrocarbon “sheens” are captured to provide a clean Stormwater runoff solution.  In the event of larger or more concentrated spills, the filter will activate an auto-shut off mechanism stopping the flow of hazardous liquids or materials.  There is also a manual shutoff valve which can be used to secure all draining operations.  For periodic maintenance the filter cartridge is easy to replace, and the storm water drain should be cleaned through the outflow port.  The UltraTech Self Bailer helps ensure your non-monitored containment sites keep a clean outflow and is an important tool to help you meet or exceed EPA state and federal Stormwater regulations for secondary spill containment.

Interstate Products’ full line of oil drum storage sumps and fuel tank storage products offer the best in hydrocarbon storage, fuel spill containment and oil spill control.  As the authority on industrial and environmental spill control and remediation, IPI experts are here to help our customers source the right secondary containment products for their individual needs.  Contact us toll free at 1-800-474-7294.  To view our full selection of oil containment products please visit:

UltraTEch Self Bailer

Liquid Ice Melter for Healthier Landscapes after the Thaw

During the spring and summer months many homeowners and groundskeepers expend great effort on keeping lawns and landscapes healthy and beautiful.  Yet, as winter arrives in many regions of the country snow and ice begin to blanket walkways, driveways and landscapes.  While fresh layers of fallen snow can be beneficial to your lawn and gardens by helping to insulate plant roots from extreme cold, many current methods to manage, remove or melt away snow and ice can also cause damage these landscaped areas.  For example, as we shovel our driveways and sidewalks, it is a common –if unintended- practice to dump this heavier, compacted snow onto the delicate plants and dormant flowers that were nurtured during the warmer seasons.  Additionally, many people resort to applying environmentally harmful chemical ice melters or even rock salt, which may not only fail to melt ice at temperatures below 20 degrees, but is also known to cause damage to landscapes.  So what is the secret to keeping your landscaping healthy when snow and ice accumulate on your driveways, walkways, lawn and garden?

Ice and snow melt products have evolved over the years and become a necessary part of our winter tool kits to help make traversing roads and sidewalks safe from frozen precipitation.  Yet all too often these liquid deicers are used in excess to melt ice and snow, causing unintended damage to plants and grass that grow along sidewalks and driveways.  Unfortunately, many of these chemical formulations do help to melt the ice, but they also contain ingredients like phosphates and chlorides that have been proven harmful to ponds, landscapes and lawns when over applied.  On the sunny side, there are more environmentally friendly ice melting solutions available to keep both surfaces and foliage safe from our desire to melt the ice.

Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt offers a more advanced and efficient solution to eliminating ice and keeping landscapes safe during winter. 

Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt is a spray on liquid ice melt solution that contains so salt, magnesium chloride, brine or any flammable or corrosive ingredients of any kind, making it safer for use near sensitive plant materials.   It is an environmentally friendly ice and snow melt solution designed to quickly melt ice or snow on contact.  It is non-hazardous, less corrosive than water and is safer for wildlife and landscapes than virtually every chloride ice melt available today.  In fact, toxicity tests rate Storm Team Plus as “relatively harmless” to aquatic life, the most favorable classification used by the environmental community; it does not contain nitrogen or nitrates and is considered much safer for the environment than sodium chloride, glycol or urea.

Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), is a leading distributor of Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt products.  Available in sizes ranging from one gallon containers to five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums, IPI has easy online ordering and is currently offering free shipping in the contiguous 48 states on most orders.  For assistance finding the right ice melting solution for your needs, call our environmental solutions experts toll free at 1-800-474-7294.  For detailed product information please visit:


Ready T-Bracket Spill Berms measure up to largest spill containment and support requirements

Oil spills and discharges most commonly happen during the oil storage container transfer process, and during fuel and chemical deliveries.  Even though the majority of spills involve less than 100 gallons, most facilities that maintain above-ground storage of more than 1320 gallons of oil are still required to have oil spill plans in place as part of EPA and other regulatory rules.  It is advisable, as part of an oil or chemical spill contingency plan, to have oil spill kits and spill berms at the ready any place where oil is transferred from truck to storage areas and where oil storage drums and containers are housed.  This includes receiving docks, fleet cleaning, decon and maintenance areas, outdoor storage buildings, waste collection areas, oil mixing and processing areas or where oil is routinely pumped from 55 gallon drums.

Spill kits are designed as a countermeasure to help contain and clean up hazardous liquids in the event that a spill occurs; whether it is due to container mishandling or leakage.  For larger fuel storage and chemical storage spill control and containment requirements, spill berms are an integral part of any oil spill mitigation plan.  Interstate Products Inc. (IPI) carries a broad range of portable spill berms, in a variety of sizes and materials to meet any requirement.

IPI has continued expanding our spill containment berm product line with the introduction of increased wall heights and liquid storage capacity on our Ready L-Bracket Berm; which is also now available with “T” shaped bracket supports.  Both IPI’s Rapid Entry and L-Bracket berms can now be manufactured to accommodate up to eighteen inch T brackets for the largest support and containment requirements.  Combo wall berms are ideal for use as secondary containment for tanker trucks, decontamination, fuel and chemical deliveries; and for larger capacity containment areas ranging from thousands of gallons to tens of thousands of gallons.  Our new T-Bracket Berms accommodate larger tankers by offering more containment capacity in a smaller space.

IPI manufactures foam wall berms in a variety of both standard and customized sizes with wall heights ranging from 2 inches up to 12 inches available.  Our new T-Bracket Berm is designed to support higher containment capacity by providing greater wall strength.  Where the standard L-Bracket Berm can hold up to 748 gallons, the new T brackets can hold up to 50 percent more within a smaller overall berm footprint.

The versatile, space saving Ready L-Bracket spill containment berm offers features that make it ideal for spill control. The lightweight supports take up almost no extra space and it folds down to a compact size for easy storage and transport.  This berm is ideal to use in a manufacturing plant for temporary storage of batteries, drums, tanks, maintenance parts and more. The compact size and portability also provides for sturdy spill response at jobsites for leaking tanks, vehicles, equipment and machinery.  Heavy duty supports make our berms even tougher and stronger than the myriad of ‘economy’ berms on the market today.

IPI’s standard Ready L-Bracket Berm is manufactured using 30 mil XR-5® geomembrane, which is made from heavy-duty reinforced fabric that is ideal for the rapid entry of trucks and tankers, providing for containment of most common spills.  Optional berm liners, ground mats and containment pads can be ordered for under the berm protection and placement on rough terrain.

In addition to collapsible, foam wall drive through berms, we can build customized combo wall berms in a variety of wall heights that provide maximum support with T bracket reinforcement on the longer side walls and drive-over foam walls on the entry and exit sides.  Our customer can feel secure with a 7-year warranty on seams and workmanship and 10 years pro-rated on cracking and UV damage. Our berm specialists are available by calling 1-800-474-7294.  For more information visit:

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Compliance Date for Farms Extended to May 10, 2013

The United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced a proposed rule amendment to 40 CFR Part 112’s SPCC compliance deadline for farmers.  A Federal Register posting summarized the proposed rule as follows, “EPA is taking direct final action to amend the date by which farms must prepare or amend, and implement their Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans to May 10, 2013.  This rule is effective on November 7, 2011 without further notice, unless EPA receives adverse comment by November 2, 2011.”

According to the Proposed Amendment, farming operations that commenced on or before August 16, 2002 now have until May 10, 2013 to amend and implement their SPCC Plan.  The EPA website explains the rationale for this rule change, stating, “An overwhelming segment of the continental United States was affected by flooding during the spring and summer of 2011. Other areas were impacted by devastating fires.  Many counties in many states were declared disaster areas by either the federal or state government or both. As a result, EPA believes that because of their unique nature farms were disproportionately affected and need additional time to prepare and implement a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan.  The amendment does not remove the regulatory requirement for owners or operators of farms in operation before August 16, 2002, to maintain and continue implementing an SPCC Plan in accordance with the SPCC regulations then in effect. Such farms continue to be required to maintain plans during the interim until the applicable compliance date for amending and implementing the amended Plans. Finally, the amendment does not relieve farms from the liability of any oil spills that occur.”

The extension of the SPCC plan compliance deadline for farmers has received support from both individual farm operators as well as the National Farmers Union as it will provide the agriculture community more time to recover from the devastating impacts of this year’s unprecedented drought, floods and fires.  Yet more importantly, it provides an extended timeframe for farmers to properly research all relevant aspects of the SPCC regulation and to create or update their oil spill mitigation planning as defined in the regulation.  An overview of resources for farmers and other agricultural operations that are subject to the new SPCC Plan deadline, including advice, technical support and oil spill prevention and clean up products are available at Interstate Products’ SPCC Farmers website at:

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Chemical Storage Buildings Isolate Hazardous Liquids and Minimize Damage from Spills

The improper storage of corrosives and flammable liquids is the leading cause of spills that can result in damage to facilities and impact worker safety.  One of the most effective practices to help minimize damage from chemical spills is to isolate the various chemical hazards.  Since knowledge of chemical compatibility is critical, it is important to understand that there are two major types of chemical hazards that require their own unique storage and transfer protocols.  The two types of chemicals that pose the greatest risk can be classified as either: (a) Corrosive materials, which include acids and bases and (b) Flammable or combustible liquids.

Corrosive materials have the potential to severely damage surfaces or other substances it contacts.  Physical hazards to workers include chemical burns, skin or eye damage; and inhalation or ingestion of a corrosive liquid can also cause respiratory damage.  Flammable and combustible liquids are defined by their flash points.  A liquid’s flash point is a function of its vapor pressure and boiling point.  Flammable and combustible liquids are classified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) based on their flash points.

The most effective way to isolate your flammable and corrosive hazards is to store them properly in approved safety storage containers and cabinets.  Using the correct flammable storage (gas cans) or chemical storage containers are the first line of defense.  The next step is to utilize the appropriate chemical storage building in order to isolate corrosive liquids and flammable liquids from other incompatible chemicals; and to contain the hazards in the event of spill or leakage.

Interstate Products (IPI), a leading provider of spill containment products and the preferred source for environmental and industrial solutions offers the most extensive line of Securall fuel storage and chemical storage buildings available.  Our pre-engineered, portable drum storage buildings from Securall are specifically designed for outdoor storage and dispensing from 55-gallon drums containing flammable or combustible liquids.  The outer walls are constructed of all-welded 16 or 12 gauge steel and the inner walls are constructed of 18 gauge steel.  The double wall construction contains 3″ of air space throughout; and all models are designed in accordance with the standards set forth by NFPA Code 30 and comply with OSHA and EPA regulations.

With many models and sizes available to meet any flammable storage requirement, Securall storage buildings and fuel lockers from IPI include features such as 2 hour and 4 hour fire ratings, are coated with chemical, corrosive and ultraviolet resistant paint and include a leak-tight sump.  Explosion relief panels and removable galvanized steel safety floor planking are standard for most units; and each is manufactured with forklift channels on two sides for easy mobility.   All of our storage building models are Fire Marshal Approved for storing and dispensing flammable and combustible liquids. All electrical installations are U.L. Approved.

In addition to carrying an array of high quality chemical storage buildings with new lower pricing, IPI also offers a wide variety of flammable storage safety cans from manufacturers, Eagle and Justrite, offering users both safety and convenience while facilitating the storage and transfer of flammable liquids.  For detailed product information and easy ordering instructions contact our industrial safety product specialists or visit our flammable storage solution center at:


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Deadline to Prepare Farm SPCC Plan is November 10th, 2011

The Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulatory requirements for farming, ranching and other agricultural operations are outlined in The Environmental Protection Agency’s Federal Code of Regulations 40 CFR 112.  As part of these new rules an SPCC Plan is required by all facilities subject to the regulation and is designed to help prevent any discharge of oil into navigable waters or adjoining shorelines. The main thrust of the SPCC regulation is prevention as opposed to after-the-fact reactive measures commonly described in Oil Spill Contingency Plans.  The regulation states, “facilities that drill, produce, gather, store, use, process, refine, transfer, distribute or consume oil and oil products” must implement a plan that addresses specific measures to minimize the potential for oil discharge into the environment.”  The deadline to prepare and implement a revised SPCC spill control plan is November 10th, 2011.

According to the EPA website, before a facility is subject to the SPCC rule, it must meet three criteria:

  1. it must be non-transportation-related;
  2. it must have an aggregate aboveground storage capacity greater than 1,320 gallons or a completely buried storage capacity greater than 42,000 gallons; and
  3. there must be a reasonable expectation of a discharge into or upon navigable waters of the United States or adjoining shorelines.

Specifically, the SPCC Plan must include a comprehensive description of a facility’s containment and countermeasure strategy to prevent an oil spill from occurring, and procedures to mitigate and clean up any potential oil spill.  Not only must your SPCC Plan outline procedures designed to prevent oil spills; but if a spill occurs, a description of control measures designed to stop spills from leaching into the environment is also necessary.  Finally, the plan must include detailed countermeasures to contain, clean up, and otherwise mitigate the effects of a spill that does impact the environment.  An SPCC Plan must also specify a means of secondary containment that can hold up to 110% of the capacity of the largest single tank or container.  Secondary containment procedures, controls and countermeasures must include tools and structures like oil spill berms, spill pallets, sorbents and drain seals.

Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), the leading provider of spill containment products and the preferred source for environmental and industrial solutions had created a summary page of resource listings for commercial farmers and industrial agriculture firms whose operations are subject to SPCC rule compliance.  The site presents information on various SPCC plan requirements and links to official information, including specific plan outlines to help our clients meet all applicable rule requirements of 40 CFR 112.6(a)(3).  IPI’s SPCC Farmers resource site offers links to EPA plan overview documents that address eligibility, plan requirements and various products that enable users to come into compliance with the applicable rules.  This includes information on specific spill prevention measures covered facilities should include in an SPCC Plan.

Interstate Products provides an array of standard and customized solutions, including spill containment tanks and berms that enable industry compliance with the tools required to prevent, contain, mitigate and clean up oil, gasoline and other chemical spills.  IPI is recognized as the preferred source for spill containment products and accessories and has developed unique packages of oil spill kits, chemical spill kits and other customizable spill control kits that provide the solutions needed to comply with SPCC rules.  Additional products include complete lines of spill control pads, socks, pillows, spill berms, spill tanks, spill pallets and hazmat products.  Contact us to learn more about industrial spill containment solutions and view our full selection of portable spill kits at:

IPI makes every effort to ensure the information presented on this page is accurate and up to date. IPI cannot be held liable for the content on this page. Consult with your local environmental management agency and fire marshal for the requirements in your area. Find regulations and additional formation at:

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The Best Ice Melt Solutions for Winter Weather Freeze

As winter fast approaches, homeowners, municipalities, retail stores and building maintenance managers must turn their attention to solving the problem of icy driveways, roads and public walkways.   To keep these surfaces safe from hazardous and slippery ice buildup, various ice melting compounds can be deployed.  With so many ice melting products available, it can be a challenge to find the right products that work best in varied climate conditions.  As ice melt products and chemical formulations vary, so do the costs and effectiveness of getting rid of dangerous ice buildup.  Additionally, many of the products offered today can be corrosive to surfaces and hazardous wildlife and the environment.  The good news is that there are now more effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly solutions available to melt ice on most any surface.

In winters past, the most common products used for ice control were formulations of sodium chloride, also known as rock salt.  However, this traditional approach has demonstrated limited effectiveness in extremely cold temperatures, often failing to melt ice at temperatures below 20 degrees. Additionally, rock salt can have a corrosive effect on steel and rebar embedded in concrete and it is known to cause damage to landscapes including grass, trees and shrubbery.  Today, ‘liquid’ ice melt products offer a more advanced and efficient solution to eliminate ice and keep facilities, sidewalks and other surfaces safe during the coldest months.  In the coldest climates, liquid ice melt formulas are designed to be effective in temperatures as low as minus 60 degrees.

Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), the leading provider of spill containment products and the preferred source for environmental and industrial solutions now offers a selection of Liquid Ice Melt formulations, just in time for the winter season.  In sizes from one gallon containers to 55 gallon drums, IPI is offering free shipping in the contiguous 48 states on most orders.  When the job calls for an industrial, commercial or residential ice melting solution that is fast, efficient and cost effective, consider these options from Interstate Products:

Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt AC-387

Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt is a spray on liquid ice melt solution that contains so salt, magnesium chloride, brine or any flammable or corrosive ingredients of any kind, making it safe for use even on newly cured concrete, asphalt or painted and unpainted metal surfaces.  Storm Team Ice Melt is applied with manual pump up, trigger or most types of mechanical sprayer to prevent ice buildup or to remove ice formation on any surface in a safe manner.  It is ideal for use on equipment, windshields, around work sites and on nearly all hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, ramps and landing pads both before and after ice build ups.

Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt is an environmentally friendly ice and snow melt solution with special inhibitors designed to quickly melt ice or snow on contact.  It is non-hazardous, less corrosive than water and is safer for wildlife and landscapes than virtually every chloride ice melt available today.  Available in one gallon containers, five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums, Interstate Products is currently offering a free shipping special for all new customers on initial order.

In addition to liquid ice melting solutions, granular ice melt pellets are also available.  Ice melt pellets from IPI are developed using advanced formulas that are designed to melt ice faster and more completely than sodium chloride.  Even better, ice melt pellets can be applied both before ice accumulation occurs and on top of ice after it has formed on the surface.

Green Fire Ice Melter Pellets

Green Fire Ice Melter Pellets is one of the fastest and safest snow and ice melt pellet products available today. Green Fire from IPI is a more environmentally friendly choice for non-damaging ice melting pellets that will not break down carpets, floors or leave an oily, white residue when used as directed.  Our ice melt is has been used all around the country on government, industrial, commercial and residential properties.  Ice melt pellets are better for use on concrete, cars and equipment as it will not rust or corrode steel or aluminum as most other ice melt products may do.  For added safety, Green Fire Ice Melter contains beneficial instant traction agents; and the non-staining color coded pellets allow for less waste and more economical coverage.

For assistance finding the right ice melting solution for your safety needs, call our environmental solutions experts, toll free at 1-800-474-7294.  For additional detailed product information and easy online ordering (and free shipping) please visit our website at:

Learn more:

Severe Drought and Collapsible Water Storage Tanks and Pillow Bladders

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Drought Monitor has recently published information indicating that up to 95 percent of Texas is experiencing either “severe” or “exceptional” drought conditions this year.  According to the National Weather Service, Texas experienced the hottest period (June through August 2011) on record in the U.S.  In addition, the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) forecasts that the Texas drought could become the worst on record and LCRA’s Board of Directors decided on Sept. 21, 2011 to ask the state for permission to significantly curtail or cut off water for downstream agricultural use next year.   Residential water supplies in the region will also be further impacted with water conservation regulations in Texas and other Western states, as weather service meteorologist Victor Murphy recently stated, “And probably some of the most widespread water restrictions, too.”

The trends of a warming climate and well documented cyclical drought conditions that are predicted to continue to impact the Southern U.S. for the next decade may lead to even more severe drought scenarios, where access to reserves of clean water for household, agricultural and industrial use are further reduced.  The ability to respond to severe drought conditions requires access to information and residents in drought stricken states should make note of the various products available to address emergency water shortages.  Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), the leading manufacturer of spill containment products and the preferred source for environmental solutions manufactures and distributes a wide variety of collapsible water storage tanks that are a key component of any rainwater harvesting system for industrial, agricultural and residential applications.

Around the world, many people rely on rainwater collection systems to meet most of their water needs, including household potable water, landscaping and agricultural uses.  In particularly dryer regions of the U.S., even where most residents have access to a public water supply, both homeowners and businesses are now addressing the issues of drought related water shortages and mandatory water conservation laws by installing rainwater storage tank systems to meet non-potable water needs like landscape irrigation.  There are a variety of options to consider when selecting a water storage tank.  Many permanent storage tanks or cisterns are made from concrete, fiberglass, metal, polyethylene or other materials and can be located either above or below ground.  In this article we will discuss rainwater harvesting systems that feature above ground, collapsible water storage tank solutions.

Rainwater capture and storage is still a primary method for collecting the water needed to meet both agricultural and potable water requirements.  The most common types of water collection systems are designed to capture rainwater from roofs and transport the water through gutter systems and downspouts into water storage tanks where it can be safely stored until needed.  Major components of a rainwater collection system are:

  • Water catchment surface  or collection areas like rooftops
  • Water conveying systems including gutters and downspouts
  • Water filtration devices such as first-flush and screening devices
  • Water storage tanks or cisterns
  • Water distribution systems for landscape or other use

Collapsible water storage tanks come in a wide variety of sizes.  For residential use, common sizes range from 100, 500, 1,000 2,000 and 5,000 gallons.   When deciding on the most appropriate size storage tank, variables to consider are water usage requirements, the local rainwater supply, water demand levels, the estimated length of anticipated drought periods, water collection surface areas available and the size of area available for installing a collapsible water storage tank.

Interstate Products manufactures a wide variety of water bladders for personal water storage, emergency relief situations and industrial or agricultural applications.  Anytime there is a need for water storage, our portable, collapsible storage tanks and water bladders are ideal for use as part of a rainwater harvesting or general storage system.  IPI’s water bladders, water tanks and pillow tanks are flexible, collapsible and designed for durability and fast deployment.  All of IPI’s collapsible storage tanks are manufactured to the highest quality standards using a variety of materials that can be used to hold potable water and other non-potable liquids.

From our South Florida manufacturing facility, Interstate Products stocks an extensive variety of tank sizes, including 50,000, 25,000, 10,000, 5,000 2,000, 1,000, 500 and 100 gallon tanks.  We also build custom sized potable water bladder tanks, chemical tanks; as well as tanks for bulk liquid transport, bilge slop storage and fuel storage to exact specifications.  Our standard pillow tanks are available with many types of connections for water distribution.  These containers are designed for land based operations, but can also be used on the decks of vessels.  For use on rough terrain areas, IPI Ground Mats are water proof and available for under the bladder for protection from rocks and sharp objects.

As a leading multi-brand supplier of quality environmental, maintenance and safety product solutions, IPI also offers special services for emergency relief situations and military use.  To learn more about Interstate Product’s wide selection of stock and custom water storage and fuel storage tanks, portable spill berms, hazmat supplies, absorbents, fire rated buildings, drum containment pallets, cylinders and safety & security cabinets visit our online store at:

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Distributor’s Innovative Rust Repair Solution Solves Problem of Paint Over Rust

Interstate Products also adds online chat Feature to rust inhibitor website

Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), a leading distributor and preferred source for environmental and industrial solutions is building upon the success of its innovative rust repair solutions and has recently added a new online chat feature to its Rust Converter website in order to provide customers with instant and direct access to the company’s rust control product specialists.  As a global multi-brand supplier of quality materials handling, maintenance and safety product solutions for industrial producers, commercial users and automotive repair organizations, IPI’s recent integration of this free online chat function is focused on helping users solve problems like ‘how to remove rust from cars, trucks, facilities and equipment.’  The new website offers immediate and enhanced customer assistance in selecting the right rust converting products for specific vehicle, equipment and facility maintenance applications.

Rust, also known as oxidation, is caused when the surface of metals such as iron or steel is converted to iron oxide as the result of exposure to oxygen and moisture.  This process of oxidation can result in aesthetic damage to surfaces, structures, vehicles and equipment; or worse, rust can create safety hazards by weakening the structural integrity of these metals through long term degradation, causing structures or materials to become brittle and crumble apart.  Traditional approaches to rust removal include sandblasting, scraping, and then priming surfaces with a rust-inhibiting primer.  Today, the best method for rust control or rust elimination can be accomplished with the use of rust converter solutions in the form of brush-on liquids.

Primary industrial rust control applications include use on construction equipment, structures, vehicles, auto rust, railings, marine applications, machinery and for general equipment maintenance.  Rust neutralizers are also used by homeowners who have a need to remove rust on a variety of steel or iron surfaces.  Rust converting solutions work by turning rust into an inert primer, chemically converting rust into a black protective surface.  Commercial formulations such as “1” STEP (THE RUST KILLER), is a rust converter treatment that neutralizes existing rust and acts as a smooth long lasting primer on both rusted metal and previously painted surfaces; and it offers the best alternative to less environmentally friendly and expensive sandblasting or wire brushing methods or hazardous chemicals and toxic acid penetrates.

Interstate Products is now offering this reformulated blend of rust neutralizer and treatment for both industrial and residential use that is safer and more environmentally friendly.  The new reformulated brand, “1” STEP contains less solvent, no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and no hazardous air pollutants (HAPS); and is compliant with California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board guidelines and the state’s various local air district regulations.  “1” STEP is a non-flammable, water based treatment to clean rust and is approved for use on all non-food contact surfaces.  The rust converter works by chemical reaction to quickly eliminate rust and neutralize it completely, turning it into an inert polymer and long lasting protective coating.  To learn how to permanently fix rust on a car, truck or other metal surface please visit our website and use our new technical resource, live chat feature to connect with IPI’s rust control solution experts at:

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Industry Leading Foam Wall Spill Containment Berms Now in 2” to 6” Wall Heights

Space Saving Drive-Over Foam Wall Spill Berms for Fuel Truck Chemical Containment

Drive-over foam wall spill berms are used to protect facilities, industrial grounds and other heavy equipment from spills during routine hazardous liquid handling tasks such as the transfer, filling, and discharging of tanker trucks.  Secondary containment berms are specifically designed to contain spills, leaks and potential runoff of hazardous liquids like oil, fuel and other environmentally toxic chemicals.  Many traditional drive through berms require fuel or chemical truck operators to physically lower berm walls on entry and egress; however, today’s collapsible foam wall berms allow users to drive in and drive out without the need to remove and replace traversed walls. Interstate Products offers an array of high quality, foam wall containment berms that enable regulatory compliance for industrial, commercial and military applications, and are now available with wall heights ranging from two inch to six inches in height, offering greater secondary containment capacity and ease of entry.

IPI, the ‘authority in spill containment,’ manufactures and distributes a large variety of portable spill containment berms that are designed to help users to comply with the regulations contained in 40 CFR part 112 of the Clean Water Act and other SPCC requirements.   Our secondary containment solutions enable industry compliance with EPA Secondary Containment regulations, including SPCC mandates at oil, fuel and chemical storage facilities by providing release containment for petroleum products and various chemicals handled in manufacturing processes around the world.  IPI’s foam wall drive-thru containment berms help protect your facility and the surrounding environment by forming an oil and chemical resistant barrier between the vehicle or storage tank and the surface near operational areas.

IPI’s spill berms are able to contain thousands of gallons when required and are fast and easy to deploy and break down.  Ideal for big for tanker trucks and fuel trucks including military and commercial vehicles, IPI’s drive-through spill berms are manufactured to exacting quality standards using heavy duty reinforced chemical-resistant* fabrics to trap fuel, oil, acids, gasoline, hydrocarbons and a broad range of specific hazardous chemicals.   With design features that allow for easy entry and exit of vehicles or other equipment into the containment area, our collapsible wall berms allow tankers to drive in and out of the berm without lowering walls while providing containment in the event of spills.

In addition, our new wall design takes up less space on long walls for a smaller outside footprint.  Berm walls are made with encapsulated closed-cell foam that springs back to shape when driven over, compressing down with the weight of the equipment rolling over them and then returning to its original shape after the weight passes.  For drive-over walls, 10” of clearance from the bottom of truck body to the ground is recommended.  Custom models designed with foam logs that slide in and out are ideal for tractor trailer use, and each of our foam wall berms are compact, lightweight, durable and easy to deploy.

Interstate Products is now offering a foam wall berm in standard 6” wall heights.  The new 6” drive-over foam wall berms can be manufactured in sizes ranging from 6’ x 6’ x 6” to larger 50’ x 75’ x 6” or any size in between.  Common applications include spill containment for tanker trucks where a 14’ x 54’ x 6” foam wall berm can contain over 2500 gallons on level ground and house most tractor trailers.  For berms with larger than 6” walls, external steel supports are available.  Our smaller Ez fold spill berms of sizes 10’ x 10’ x 4” high or smaller and has foam sealed into the walls.  A variety of even smaller 2” berm options can provide complete containment for oil storage drums, tanks, generators, compressors, and other equipment prone to spills and leakage.

Foam Wall Spill Berm

IPI’s drive-thru containment berms are constructed from the highest quality materials and can be custom manufactured utilizing various structural technologies that can adapt to virtually any containment requirement.  This includes berms made with high performance 30 millimeter XR5 Fabric, offering the highest standards of chemical resistance, durability and spill containment.  Our XR5 drive-through berms are rated for 2000 revolutions of a truck tire without showing wear.  All IPI berms are designed for portable, rapid deployment and each one is backed by an industry leading limited warranty on seams and workmanship.  For detailed product information visit our tank and berm image gallery and all-foam spill berm page at  For help with specialized applications contact our product specialists to match the best technology to meet your fuel delivery and fuel containment needs.

*Chemical compatibility can vary, please refer to our chemical compatibility guide to ensure the proper chemical-resistance materials are used.

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