Interstate Products Offers Heavy Duty Powdered Citrus Degreaser at Lower Cost

Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), the leading provider of spill containment products and the preferred source for environmental and industrial solutions now offers Orange Crystal Concentrate (OCC), a lower cost and effective alternative to higher priced D’Limonene citrus cleaner degreaser products.  IPI’s Orange Crystal Concentrate is a powdered citrus degreaser concentrate that cleans and degreases heavy greases and oils and is excellent for tough concrete cleaning jobs, degreasing parts, washing surfaces and other equipment cleaning requirements.  D’Limonene, a by-product of orange peel extracts, is safer and more effective than typical industrial cleaning solutions; however, due to recent shortages and continued high demand for citrus based heavy duty degreaser products, prices of citrus based cleaners have skyrocketed.  In order to combat the high price of competitive orange degreaser products, Interstate Products now offers its powdered citrus cleaner concentrate, Orange Crystal Concentrate, with free shipping and no increased costs.

When the job calls for a more powerful and environmentally friendly parts cleaner, equipment cleaner, surface cleaner or concrete floor degreaser, Orange Crystal Concentrate has become the alternative solution of choice for institutional, industrial and household users.  Naturally water soluble and biodegradable, OCC is extremely safe and more effective than typical cleaning solutions.  This fast and easy citrus degreaser simply dilutes up to 40 to 1 with water for pressure washing or 1 to 2 cups per 5 gallons if used by hand or bucket and brush application.  Excellent for many degreasing or deodorizing applications, it may be applied safely by hand, mop, bucket and brush or pressure washer for cleaning any hard surface.  Interstate Products also carries citrus-based lift station, drain cleaners and many other formulations for a wide variety of degreasing and heavy duty industrial and commercial cleaning applications.  For assistance finding the right cleaner for your degreaser needs, call our environmental solutions experts, toll free at 1-800-474-7294.  For additional detailed product information and easy online ordering (and free shipping) please visit our website at:

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