What Is A Pillow Tank and Why Do We Need Them?

For those of you who have never heard of Pillow Tank, you are assuredly in good company.  For many folks, hearing the term may generate a few immediate questions.  The first to come to mind might be: What is a Pillow Tank?  What are they for?

So let’s gets started by answering some of the more basic questions.  First, pillow tanks, also referred to as Pillow Bladders, are actually collapsible liquid storage tanks.  Although, they may be referred to by different names across a wide variety of industries, they are utilized for a variety of important purposes and come in a broad range of sizes to meet very specific needs and requirements.  The primary function of collapsible water tanks are to store and dispense not only water, but many other types of hydrocarbons, fuels and chemicals as well.

Portable liquid storage containers serve a critical need across a variety of industrial and agricultural sectors; from basic water collection and storage to large scale fuel, chemical or liquid waste storage.  They have also become a valuable, easily deployable asset for military applications; as well as for state, local and global governmental bodies and emergency management organizations that may need to respond quickly to a broad range of needs, including environmental or weather related disasters.

What materials are pillow tanks made of?  Tanks can be made with many fabrics including mil spec and commercial fabrics that offers ultraviolet light and chemical corrosion protection. Types of fabric may also be utilized for specific applications including XR-5 military spec fabrics, and NSF 61 approved fabrics for the storage of many liquids.

What sizes are available?  And can they be used for residential water storage?

Bladder Tanks come in many sizes for many types of applications, including larger fuel farm applications and small scale fuel bladder tanks for marine applications.  The standard size range is from 50 gallons to 150,000 gallons.  To really understand the size of this, 150,000 gallons is comparable to the amount of water an average size family of four uses in a year.   According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “.. the residential water use for a family of four is 400 gallons of water per day. That’s nearly 150,000 gallons per family per year.”

(Tanks shown above are filled with air during testing)

A few basic facts about Residential Pillow Tanks & Water Storage Bladders:

Fact 1 

Collapsible water storage tanks come in a wide variety of sizes.  For residential use, common sizes range from 100, 500, and 1000 gallon bladders and may be used under crawl spaces.

Fact 2  

Where there is a need for water collection and storage, portable, collapsible storage tanks and water bladders are ideal for use as part of a rainwater harvesting or general storage system.

Fact 3

Water bladders, water tanks and pillow tanks are flexible, collapsible and designed for durability and fast deployment.

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