Ready T-Bracket Spill Berms measure up to largest spill containment and support requirements

Oil spills and discharges most commonly happen during the oil storage container transfer process, and during fuel and chemical deliveries.  Even though the majority of spills involve less than 100 gallons, most facilities that maintain above-ground storage of more than 1320 gallons of oil are still required to have oil spill plans in place as part of EPA and other regulatory rules.  It is advisable, as part of an oil or chemical spill contingency plan, to have oil spill kits and spill berms at the ready any place where oil is transferred from truck to storage areas and where oil storage drums and containers are housed.  This includes receiving docks, fleet cleaning, decon and maintenance areas, outdoor storage buildings, waste collection areas, oil mixing and processing areas or where oil is routinely pumped from 55 gallon drums.

Spill kits are designed as a countermeasure to help contain and clean up hazardous liquids in the event that a spill occurs; whether it is due to container mishandling or leakage.  For larger fuel storage and chemical storage spill control and containment requirements, spill berms are an integral part of any oil spill mitigation plan.  Interstate Products Inc. (IPI) carries a broad range of portable spill berms, in a variety of sizes and materials to meet any requirement.

IPI has continued expanding our spill containment berm product line with the introduction of increased wall heights and liquid storage capacity on our Ready L-Bracket Berm; which is also now available with “T” shaped bracket supports.  Both IPI’s Rapid Entry and L-Bracket berms can now be manufactured to accommodate up to eighteen inch T brackets for the largest support and containment requirements.  Combo wall berms are ideal for use as secondary containment for tanker trucks, decontamination, fuel and chemical deliveries; and for larger capacity containment areas ranging from thousands of gallons to tens of thousands of gallons.  Our new T-Bracket Berms accommodate larger tankers by offering more containment capacity in a smaller space.

IPI manufactures foam wall berms in a variety of both standard and customized sizes with wall heights ranging from 2 inches up to 12 inches available.  Our new T-Bracket Berm is designed to support higher containment capacity by providing greater wall strength.  Where the standard L-Bracket Berm can hold up to 748 gallons, the new T brackets can hold up to 50 percent more within a smaller overall berm footprint.

The versatile, space saving Ready L-Bracket spill containment berm offers features that make it ideal for spill control. The lightweight supports take up almost no extra space and it folds down to a compact size for easy storage and transport.  This berm is ideal to use in a manufacturing plant for temporary storage of batteries, drums, tanks, maintenance parts and more. The compact size and portability also provides for sturdy spill response at jobsites for leaking tanks, vehicles, equipment and machinery.  Heavy duty supports make our berms even tougher and stronger than the myriad of ‘economy’ berms on the market today.

IPI’s standard Ready L-Bracket Berm is manufactured using 30 mil XR-5® geomembrane, which is made from heavy-duty reinforced fabric that is ideal for the rapid entry of trucks and tankers, providing for containment of most common spills.  Optional berm liners, ground mats and containment pads can be ordered for under the berm protection and placement on rough terrain.

In addition to collapsible, foam wall drive through berms, we can build customized combo wall berms in a variety of wall heights that provide maximum support with T bracket reinforcement on the longer side walls and drive-over foam walls on the entry and exit sides.  Our customer can feel secure with a 7-year warranty on seams and workmanship and 10 years pro-rated on cracking and UV damage. Our berm specialists are available by calling 1-800-474-7294.  For more information visit:


Chemical Storage Buildings Isolate Hazardous Liquids and Minimize Damage from Spills

The improper storage of corrosives and flammable liquids is the leading cause of spills that can result in damage to facilities and impact worker safety.  One of the most effective practices to help minimize damage from chemical spills is to isolate the various chemical hazards.  Since knowledge of chemical compatibility is critical, it is important to understand that there are two major types of chemical hazards that require their own unique storage and transfer protocols.  The two types of chemicals that pose the greatest risk can be classified as either: (a) Corrosive materials, which include acids and bases and (b) Flammable or combustible liquids.

Corrosive materials have the potential to severely damage surfaces or other substances it contacts.  Physical hazards to workers include chemical burns, skin or eye damage; and inhalation or ingestion of a corrosive liquid can also cause respiratory damage.  Flammable and combustible liquids are defined by their flash points.  A liquid’s flash point is a function of its vapor pressure and boiling point.  Flammable and combustible liquids are classified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) based on their flash points.

The most effective way to isolate your flammable and corrosive hazards is to store them properly in approved safety storage containers and cabinets.  Using the correct flammable storage (gas cans) or chemical storage containers are the first line of defense.  The next step is to utilize the appropriate chemical storage building in order to isolate corrosive liquids and flammable liquids from other incompatible chemicals; and to contain the hazards in the event of spill or leakage.

Interstate Products (IPI), a leading provider of spill containment products and the preferred source for environmental and industrial solutions offers the most extensive line of Securall fuel storage and chemical storage buildings available.  Our pre-engineered, portable drum storage buildings from Securall are specifically designed for outdoor storage and dispensing from 55-gallon drums containing flammable or combustible liquids.  The outer walls are constructed of all-welded 16 or 12 gauge steel and the inner walls are constructed of 18 gauge steel.  The double wall construction contains 3″ of air space throughout; and all models are designed in accordance with the standards set forth by NFPA Code 30 and comply with OSHA and EPA regulations.

With many models and sizes available to meet any flammable storage requirement, Securall storage buildings and fuel lockers from IPI include features such as 2 hour and 4 hour fire ratings, are coated with chemical, corrosive and ultraviolet resistant paint and include a leak-tight sump.  Explosion relief panels and removable galvanized steel safety floor planking are standard for most units; and each is manufactured with forklift channels on two sides for easy mobility.   All of our storage building models are Fire Marshal Approved for storing and dispensing flammable and combustible liquids. All electrical installations are U.L. Approved.

In addition to carrying an array of high quality chemical storage buildings with new lower pricing, IPI also offers a wide variety of flammable storage safety cans from manufacturers, Eagle and Justrite, offering users both safety and convenience while facilitating the storage and transfer of flammable liquids.  For detailed product information and easy ordering instructions contact our industrial safety product specialists or visit our flammable storage solution center at:


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IPI Offers Quick Disaster Response Solutions with Collapsible Storage Tanks and Water Pillow Bladders

Preparation and the ability to respond immediately and decisively to global weather-related and other geological events that impact regions, communities and individual lives requires access to information and the right solutions.  With both the Atlantic and Pacific hurricane season now upon us, it is an appropriate time for government, industry and citizens to review their state of preparedness and make note of various products and services available that may be required in the event an emergency response is necessary.  In particularly severe scenarios access to reserves of clean water and fuel are of particular importance and require specific portable storage solutions that can be deployed quickly.  Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), the leading manufacturer of spill containment products and the preferred source for environmental and industrial solutions of manufactures and distributes a wide variety of collapsible storage tanks for industrial, commercial, residential and military applications.

Interstate Products provides a wide variety of water bladders for relief situations, as well as for personal water storage and military applications.  For anytime there is a need for potable water storage.  Our portable, collapsible storage tanks and bladders are used worldwide by variety of customers for emergency response, disaster relief, defense installations and Homeland Security requirement; and by chemical plants, utility companies, farms, refineries, construction sites, airports, hospitals, fire departments, maritime fleets, and HazMat teams.  As a manufacturer, service provider and major US and international distributor, IPI also offers the most flexible and comprehensive spill protection, spill containment and portable storage products on the market today.

Disaster relief organizations depend on IPI to deliver water containment bladders when emergency situations demand a fast response.  Interstate Products has supplied water storage bladders and provided customized solutions for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), USAID and many other relief agencies and non-governmental organizations worldwide.  Relief agencies often require the use of 1,000 and 2,000, 25,000 and 50,000 gallon size potable water tanks.  Hospitals in many US states are required to maintain specific quantities of water per person per day; and residential application generally utilize water storage bladders in the range of 100, 250, 500 gallons or more to address situations that can last from days to weeks.  IPI’s liquid storage products including, water bladders, water tanks, fuel bladders, pillow tanks and flexible tanks are designed for durability and fast deployment.

All of IPI’s collapsible storage tanks are manufactured to the highest quality standards using a variety of materials or fabrics that can be used to hold potable, waste water, fuels, chemicals, dielectric oil, gasses and other waste contaminants.  Available in an extensive variety of ready to ship sizes in stock, Interstate Products also carries stock fabric for fast, customized applications.  From our South Florida location, we currently have in stock and ready for immediate shipment many sizes including 50,000, 25,000, 10,000, 5,000 2,000, 1,000, 500 and 100 gallon potable water bladder tanks. We can also build custom potable water bladder tanks, grey water, black water, fuel bladder and chemical containment bladder tanks to exact specifications. We specialize in custom bladder tanks for grey water, fuel and chemical storage that can be built to exacting specifications. Our standard water bladder tanks are fabricated with top quality materials and fabric which provides ultra-violet light and chemical resistance.  Our water bladders are available with many types of connections for a wide variety of applications.  For use on rough terrain areas, IPI Ground Mats are water proof and available for under the bladder for protection from rocks and sharp objects.

As a leading multi-brand supplier of quality environmental, maintenance and safety product solutions for industrial, commercial, institutional, military and various government organizations, IPI also offers special services for emergency relief situations and military use. Call 1-800-238-4259 or 1-800-472-3392 for after hours or emergency information.  To learn more about Interstate Product’s wide selection of stock and custom water storage and fuel storage tanks, portable spill berms, hazmat supplies, absorbents, fire rated buildings, drum containment pallets, cylinders and safety & security cabinets visit our online store at:


About Interstate Products, Inc.

Since 1996, Interstate Products, Inc. has become a global multi-brand supplier of quality environmental, maintenance and safety product solutions to industrial, commercial, institutional, military, and various government organizations. Since its inception, IPI has experienced tremendous growth fueled by our commitment to continuously add innovative new products to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding and diverse customer base. These products include safety cabinets, absorbents, environmentally friendly chemicals, material handling, safety, and containment products. In addition, IPI is also a leading manufacturer of spill containment berms and flexible storage tanks that are available in both standard and custom sizes. Information about these and other quality products can be obtained by visiting our company website at

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