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Liquid Ice Melter for Healthier Landscapes after the Thaw

During the spring and summer months many homeowners and groundskeepers expend great effort on keeping lawns and landscapes healthy and beautiful.  Yet, as winter arrives in many regions of the country snow and ice begin to blanket walkways, driveways and landscapes.  While fresh layers of fallen snow can be beneficial to your lawn and gardens by helping to insulate plant roots from extreme cold, many current methods to manage, remove or melt away snow and ice can also cause damage these landscaped areas.  For example, as we shovel our driveways and sidewalks, it is a common –if unintended- practice to dump this heavier, compacted snow onto the delicate plants and dormant flowers that were nurtured during the warmer seasons.  Additionally, many people resort to applying environmentally harmful chemical ice melters or even rock salt, which may not only fail to melt ice at temperatures below 20 degrees, but is also known to cause damage to landscapes.  So what is the secret to keeping your landscaping healthy when snow and ice accumulate on your driveways, walkways, lawn and garden?

Ice and snow melt products have evolved over the years and become a necessary part of our winter tool kits to help make traversing roads and sidewalks safe from frozen precipitation.  Yet all too often these liquid deicers are used in excess to melt ice and snow, causing unintended damage to plants and grass that grow along sidewalks and driveways.  Unfortunately, many of these chemical formulations do help to melt the ice, but they also contain ingredients like phosphates and chlorides that have been proven harmful to ponds, landscapes and lawns when over applied.  On the sunny side, there are more environmentally friendly ice melting solutions available to keep both surfaces and foliage safe from our desire to melt the ice.

Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt offers a more advanced and efficient solution to eliminating ice and keeping landscapes safe during winter. 

Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt is a spray on liquid ice melt solution that contains so salt, magnesium chloride, brine or any flammable or corrosive ingredients of any kind, making it safer for use near sensitive plant materials.   It is an environmentally friendly ice and snow melt solution designed to quickly melt ice or snow on contact.  It is non-hazardous, less corrosive than water and is safer for wildlife and landscapes than virtually every chloride ice melt available today.  In fact, toxicity tests rate Storm Team Plus as “relatively harmless” to aquatic life, the most favorable classification used by the environmental community; it does not contain nitrogen or nitrates and is considered much safer for the environment than sodium chloride, glycol or urea.

Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), is a leading distributor of Storm Team Plus Liquid Ice Melt products.  Available in sizes ranging from one gallon containers to five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums, IPI has easy online ordering and is currently offering free shipping in the contiguous 48 states on most orders.  For assistance finding the right ice melting solution for your needs, call our environmental solutions experts toll free at 1-800-474-7294.  For detailed product information please visit: