Interstate Products Offers Complete Line of Non Slip Coatings

Interstate Products Offers More Variety in Non-Slip Coatings

Accident protection and safety now available in three different nonskid coatings

 SARASOTA, Florida (May 25, 2011) – Interstate Products, Inc. (IPI), the leading manufacturer of spill containment products and the preferred source for environmental and industrial solutions is now offering a wider selection of non-slip surface coatings.  A reliable solution for safety and fall prevention in factories, warehouses, universities, heavy equipment ramps, garages and other industrial applications, IPI provides a range of products that are reliable and easy to apply.

According to the IPI Product Team, “Our complete line of non-slip surface coatings produces a very hard and durable slip-resistant surface for both interior and exterior applications.  With primary formulations that include mixed aggregate, non-mix epoxy and aerosol spray-on epoxy, each are excellent for use on floor areas which are subjected to abrasive traffic, impact and/or corrosive spillage.”

IPI’s full line includes TRACTION-N-MORE, the ultimate in VOC compliant, slip proof protection & chemical resistance that is tough enough to stand up to heavy vehicular traffic – even fork lift trucks.  Each 6 gallon pail contains resin, hardener and aggregate for the strongest possible bond and skid proofing on concrete, metal, fiberglass and more.  TRACTION-N-MORE applies easily to a clean surface and is dry enough for foot traffic in 24 hours and 48 hours for vehicular traffic under normal temperatures and conditions. This 100% Epoxy Non Slip coating Kit can be used to help prevent accidents on sidewalks, ramps, trucks, production areas, driveways, basement floors, bricks and stones, steps and other industrial surfaces.

This permanent anti slip coating with its powerful industrial sand paper like finish saves down time by reducing slippery areas in any work environment even if wet or covered in liquids.  Epoxy Non Slip Coatings are available in Clear, Black, Blue, Yellow as well as custom matched floor colors.  They are low odor and easy to clean for use indoors and outdoors.

IPI also offers SAFETY SEAL PRE-MIX EPOXY, a skid proof coating that requires no mixing and makes a permanent nonskid surface with just a roller or brush; and GOOD GRIP SLIP RESISTANT EPOXY COATING, a super hard, spray-on epoxy non slip coating that quickly cures to a slip resistant surface with a rough grit that is easy to use and requires no tools or mixing of chemicals.  Facilities managers and contractors that require non slip surface solutions may call 1-800-474-7294 for ordering information and to discuss specific applications.  IPI’s entire selection of industrial solutions is available online at: